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Night Vision

Early morning in Nice.

Noone is around, but traffic lights continue to work as during daytime..

Food is delivered to the large stores, waiting for opening time (some 4 hours later!)

…the Promenade is fascinating as always…

and suddenly all the lights go off…

Now, can anybody guess why I am awake that early ? (hint: try zooming…)


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Windy sunday this afternoon in Nice (afternoon: in the morning we had a warm sun).

As the MegaExpress IV Ferry was approaching the port I decided to take the bike and reach the port for some shots, not expecting to find an old friend…

The effect of the wind can clearly be seen here.

To my surprise, as the Mega Express IV was leaving, the Mega Express appeared in the distance….

..soon they crossed 

And suddenly, while looking at some details of the Mega Express during docking I remembered…

Yes, Indeed I saw her already, wearing a red suit under the hot sun of the Greek islands:
Hello old friend, Superfast IV, with your unforgettable spaghetti alla bolognese, cooked 24×7 for your guests happyness !

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Last year I posted some comments about a cedar that was cut in downtown Como, to … to…. well for no reason, other that the major did not like it there. 

It was cut at 4 am in the morning to avoid protests by the "green" and normal citizens.

Here it is (was) :

That tree is no more, and the "comaschi" can now enjoy the view of the theatre without the stupid tree before it.

Having said that about Como, Italy, it is time to comment on some trees here in Nice, France.

Here they were, last year:
The trees I'm taking about are the ones just after the tram

Carnaval (carnival) came, and to make space for seating people…

the trees were cut.

Now, our friend from Paris told us that someone (the major ? I cannot remember) promised to implant new trees after the carneval was over.

And here they are: this last picture was taken yesterday, with workers clearly intent at hiding every hint at the trees that once were. Promises by politicians are probably the same on this side like on the other side of the alps.


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March 26, 2010 was the "vernissage" day for Fotodigitaldiscount franchising in France (I still do not know why the french use this "Vernissage" word, maybe because it is usually done after painting the walls)…anyway, we're proud to have helped Antonello Treglia bring his growing franchising chain abroad.

How many other Italians try to go abroad  nowadays ? He deserves credit for this.

It took us a lot of work to get here, such as painting walls and distributing tracts (depliants). I've already posted the photos hereis one of them  once again, in small format:

Anyway the big day finally came, and last friday we opened the door of home on the Promenade…

to reach rue Dante and open the doors of our fist store (a "magasin"). Here it is:


The store is "conveniently located" 4 minutes from home and 5 minutes from the beach,  so — we can go from the above to the below in 6 minutes, for lunch… :

..and then back to sales…


…and related high-tech activities…

We cannot forget that Radio is the soundtrack of our lives,  so here are our friends Luca and Grant talking about important world issues….

On my part, I'm proud to have an all-macintosh operating environment, with the cash & stock software running on OSX, a system also  able to print the "scontrino":

…that nobody wants anyway, as here the "scontrino" is not "fiscale" at all: just a piece of junk paper.

We had to stock some digital cameras, but I could not resist and brought an analog, instant, integral, beloved SX-70:

…because in the very same days the Impossible became possible, and we now have PX instant film again!. I ordered a few packs, and post news about it as soon as they hit the cote d'Azur.

I want to have rue dante became the home of the new instant film for south france…we'll see.

Oh, bth, here is how rue dante looks the SX-70 way:
of course there are "casini" as in all business, and here is how some packages of early customers look as they reached our store…

maybe the travel from Italy to France is too long and bumpy ? Who know.

I had to add that we managed to keep the "gym" schedule intact, including BodyStep and Body Attack…as to say, the important things first!

Anyway, the doors are open, in the next few months we'll see if the Business Plan they gave us in Rome (that predict us becoming millionaire in months!) will become reality! 

In case anyone is interested in the "promo de la semaine", here is the URL:

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