Farewell BIP

And so some three weeks ago I said the final goodbye to Bip, my Apple Store (sorry: "Premium Reseller") in downtown Como. Si, dopo averlo considerato come il mio futuro lavorativo, dopo circa 14 mesi..bye bye.

There's no point in going into details on why, suffiice to say that with Apple leaving a mere 8% to the resellers running such an activity is really tough.
But let's go back in time, torniamo indietro un attimo, and have a look at some of the story….:
These were the initial three employees: the one on the right was the first to leave, but he was not the last…
So, this is it.
Learning how to run a computer shop was somewhat interesting, but I do not feel this year was really well spent (from a professional point of view).
But this is life, and sometimes,  halting and having a look back, can help focus on how many things, good and sad, can happen in so little time.
Let's go on with Vodafone now.

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8 thoughts on “Farewell BIP

  1. Good luck! We hope your future will shine as soon as possibile! Life looks strange sometimes, but events happen for a reason…you can read it throu the colours of that marvellous rainbow…Lots of hugs,A* & G*

  2. Avevo colto dal tono cupo dei tuoi ultimi post che c'era qualcosa che non andava. Mi dispiace … rompe sempre le balle quando devi mollare qualcosa in cui avevi fortemente creduto …Ma come diceva Tom Hanks in una delle scene finali di Cast Away, … domani il sole sorgerà, e chissà la marea cosa può portare …

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