Cat in Kodachrome

does a cat need kodachrome to show how beautiful it is ? May be not.



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Macarons in Nice

After seeing the "historic GP" last saturday I could not resist and searched for the 1966 movie "Grand Prix".

It turns out it was filmed in CINERAMA (three strips of film on a very large, curved screen) – something that can now only be seen in seattle, thanks to Paul Allen… (more info here)

So the above is the Montecarlo lap, in glorious wide-screen format.

However it is lacking the scene that scared me so much at age six, which I've found here, at the end of this video…enjoy.
Finally, the original THREE STRIP trailer:

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Rescue on the way!

Hi Beach

Last week I took   a picture of the beautiful "HI BEACH" just in front of home.

Here it is (was)…

but yesterday the big wave came:

…and here it is now, photos taken just two hours ago:

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Non posso resistere, "devo" postare questo video del corso di "Karaoke English" :

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